Rose Care Calendar


  • Apply dormant spray (Lime-Sulfur) to existing rose bushes
  • Order your new bareroot roses online from Witherspoon to be shipped to you OR pick up your new bareroot roses in the Garden Shop
  • Begin planting bareroot roses


  • Prune existing roses
  • Plant bareroot roses


  • Apply Witherspoon Premium 2-in-1 Fertilizer or a quick-release fertilizer to established plants
  • Plant bareroot roses
  • Remove mulch, topdress with a 2" layer or cow manure and replace mulch


  • After danger of frost, remove mulch from around the graft
  • Begin regular spraying every 7-10 days through October
  • Plant potted roses
  • Apply Rose-Aid monthly to boost health through October


  • If you are not using Witherspoon Premium 2-in-1 Fertilizer , apply slow-release fertilizer now or continue monthly feedings of quick-release fertilizer through mid-August (or 6 weeks prior to expected frost.)
  • Continue planting potted roses


  • Continue spray program
  • Deadhead roses
  • Water weekly
  • Order new roses in October


  • Prepare new beds for planting
  • Order new roses
  • Every 2-3 years, have the soil tested and adjust the pH level to a range of 6-6.5


  • Cut back roses to "waist high" (About 3 feet)
  • Place mulch 6 inches high over the graft for winter protection
  • Order new roses

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